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Octo-Aid iOS App

The Octo-Aid App is available to download for iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices from their respective App Stores. There are plans for an Android version eventually.


Octo-Aid Community Facebook Group

The Octo-Aid Facebook group is a place where members can ask questions and seek advice related to their energy needs. Whether you have questions about your bill, energy usage, or any other concern, our community is here to help. Join us to connect with others who are also with Octopus Energy and tap into their knowledge and experience. We are a friendly and supportive group, dedicated to making energy-related information accessible to all.

Octo-Aid + Subscription

Octo-Aid + is a new subscription coming in 2024 which will be an add on for the iOS app, giving access to exclusive features and greatly assisting ongoing development of Octo-Aid. Tap below to find out more!

Octo-Aid Discord Server

The discord server is a place to chat with other Octopus Energy customers. A notifications category contains a channel for each region in the UK. Daily Gas and Electricity Tracker rates are automatically posted to these channels every day, so turn notifications on for your region to receive tracker rates as soon as they are available.

To join, request an invite below. If you are approved, you will receive an email with the invitation.

Request Discord Invite

Thanks! If approved you will receive an email with an invite link.

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