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Below are a few money-saving apps / sites that I've been using and enjoying. Some of them have referral codes / links which could get us both bonuses, but if you're interested in any of them whilst also supporting development of the Octo-Aid app, please help yourself or ask any questions using the contact form here smart EV charging


I've been using for a while and I have to say it is superb. Designed to help balance the national grid by telling your electric vehicle when to start and stop charging, will reward you in the form of vouchers (of which you can choose Amazon vouchers, or even credit on your octopus energy account). It even supports tariffs such as Agile Octopus and allows you to choose the maximum rate that you'd allow your EV to charge at. This is extremely handy for automating your Ev charging during the volatile Agile Octopus rates.

Tap below to learn more, and if you use my invite code below, we both get 25 points when you first set up the app, meaning you only need to charge your car 5 times using the app to get your first voucher.

Invite Code:


Hello Fresh - 60% off + free shipping


So I've been using Hello Fresh for a while now (top tip, if you have Amazon Prime you can claim free Hello Fresh shipping for an entire year). HelloFresh offers 50+ menu and market items every week, featuring a wide variety of delicious meals. A box containing the ingredients for those meals is delivered straight to your door on the day of your choosing with the recipe sheets, and I have to say, they do supply top of the range ingredients in my experience!

Use the button below to claim 60% off your first box with free shipping. I will also receive credit towards a meal box too, so thank-you in advance ☺️. And remember ... if you have Amazon Prime, log in to Amazon and claim their free shipping for a year offer!

Referral Code:


Better - Free Mortgage Advisors


Better are a free to use online mortgage advisor who can help you handle your mortgage or remortgage. They make the entire process extremely easy and help you find the best deal out there for you. They even have a Better price promise, matching a like for like offer from a competitor. I used them around 6 months before my mortgage term was up and they helped me get ahead with the best deal for me. Using the link below will also get both you and me a £100 spending voucher each.

Referral Code:

Referral in link

Octopus Electroverse


Electroverse by Octopus Energy give you easier access to charging your electric vehicle at public chargers. You can quickly and easily initiate a charge from the app or use your physical electroverse card. If you're an Intelligent Octopus user, you can get discount at public chargers too. And the best part? If you use my referral link before the end of April 2023, we both receive £25 each for free!

Use the button to join!

Referral in link

Gousto - 65% off + free shipping


Gousto is similar to Hello Fresh and just as delicious. Choose from awesome recipe meal boxes each week and get them delivered on a day of your choice. They even deliver on Saturdays and Sundays! You get a 2 hour delivery slot given and the meal choice is spectacular!

Tap below for 65% off your first box, and if it isn't for you, just cancel it after you've received your first box. But I'm certain you will enjoy it!

Referral Code:


Costa Club


Join the Costa Club using the referral code below and we will both receive 5 free beans when you first scan the app at Costa!

Referral Code:


Airtime Rewards


Airtime Rewards is an app that rewards you every time you spend at a supported shop, online or in store. Earn cashback on your regular shopping to help knock money off your mobile phone bill. The referral code will give both of us 50p when signing up (free) and an extra £1 if you spend within 7 days.

Referral Code:




Snoop is a free money management app, helping you track your spending, set budgets, cut your bills and control your finances. Get a notification if a bill has risen or fallen compared to what it usually is. Everything you need to beat the cost of living increases.

Use the button to join!

Referral in link

Policy Expert - Car/Home Insurance


Policy Expert are a multi-award winning car and home insurer, winning the 2023 Home Insurer Provider of the Year and 2023 Customer Experience awards. They've also been voted by the public as the number 1 home insurance provider by If you use my link below I will receive an Amazon voucher for the referral!

Use the button to join!

Referral in link

Virgin Media Broadband


Virgin Media have teamed up with O2 ready to supercharge broadband in the UK! We will both receive £50 each when using the button below to join!

Use the button to join!

Referral in link

Honey (by PayPal)


Earn Gold points with Honey, redeem them for gift cards! Honey will also automatically search for promo codes and discount vouchers when you checkout on a website online to save you money when shopping at your favourite retailers. Works on desktop and mobile devices.

Use the button to join!

Referral in link



Tesla is a groundbreaking company that's transforming the automotive industry. Their vehicles are known for their exceptional performance, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendliness. With Tesla, you get more than just a car - you get a unique driving experience that's both exhilarating and sustainable. By using my referral code and purchasing a Tesla, you'll not only be getting an incredible vehicle, but you'll also be supporting a company that's dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable future for all.

Use the button for referral

Referral in link



Monzo is a smart banking solution and works just like a traditional bank but it offers so much more to its customers. When you apply for a Monzo current account, you’ll be issued a coral Mastercard that can be used for free almost anywhere in the world. You can easily track your spending and savings in the app. The only difference to traditional banks is that you can’t physically visit a branch. However, if you lose your card, you can freeze and unfreeze it in the app. Upon signing up and making your first payment, we will both receive £5.

Use the button to join!

Referral in link



Upgrade your Tesla with driving history, voice controls and more. Save money with cost analysis and savings recommendations.

Try it for free and experience Tessie for yourself. Happiness guaranteed.

Use the button to join!

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Paypal Donation

OTTO 1_edited.png

This one isn't a money saving tip, but more of a voluntary donation to my PayPal page to further support development of Octo-Aid. I develop this app in my free time as a hobby, and without your support and the support of everyone else in the community, Octo-Aid would never have grown as much as it has today. Tap the button below to be taken to my PayPal page. Any amount would be amazing. Thankyou!

Donate via the link


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