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Octo Aid +

As many of you already know, Octo Aid is developed by myself (Andy) during my spare time, and it's been available for free for the past couple of years.


To directly support the ongoing development of Octo Aid and ensure a better app experience for everyone, I'm introducing Octo Aid + as a subscription service for the app. Subscribing to Octo Aid + will grant you access to extra features, while your support fuels further improvements.


The Octo Aid + subscription is entirely optional, not mandatory. It's a way for those who want to enjoy additional benefits to do so, all while contributing to the growth of Octo Aid. Thank you for your continued support!

Please rest assured that as long as I am running the Octo-Aid app, it will remain free. This subscription service is only an optional extra and there is no mandatory requirement to subscribe to it. You may continue to enjoy Octo-Aid as you currently do at zero cost!

Thank you to everyone and I really hope you enjoy the latest features.

Andy - Octo-Aid Developer

(26th December 2023)

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