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Recommended Products

Below are some products that I recommend to help whether you are looking to save energy, or you are an energy nerd just like me. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases using the links below, and anything earned will be put towards development costs to keep Octo-Aid running. Thank-you for taking the time to check out these products and hopefully they can help you just as much as they help me ☺️

By far one of the best portable heaters I've ever used. It can be controlled via your smartphone (and Alexa or Google Home if you're in the Amazon and/or Google smart home ecosystem), has a built in timer, and pretty much heats my living room up in 10 minutes whilst using less energy than turning on the central heating! Awesome!

Commonly called an 'Oodie', this hooded blanket keeps me nice and warm whilst I'm sat on the sofa in the evenings with my laptop working on Octo-Aid. It comes in a long, normal and kids size with a selection of different colours for personalisation, and I can't explain how soft and warm it really is. It means I don't need to turn the heating on as often contributing to a lower energy bill overall!

I've tried many LED strips over the past few years and have settled on Govee as one of the best for value. They come in all sorts of sizes and are bright enough for any occasion.

They're perfect for setting the mood or adding a splash of colour to any room. They're super easy to install and come with tons of colour options!

Enhance your home's safety and convenience with this LED motion light, offering energy-efficient illumination that activates automatically whenever you need it.

It lights up automatically when it senses movement, making it perfect for those midnight kitchen trips or lighting up a cupboard!

Amazon have a wide selection of energy monitoring plugs which will show you exactly how much energy your appliances are using. Simply plug it into the wall and then plug your fridge or other appliance into the smart plug to see how much energy your appliance is using and work out how much it is costing you in electricity.

These smart plugs are easily paired with Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit. Set a schedule to turn things on and off automatically, or simply use your phone/tablet to control them.

If you're also into Home Assistant, there is a meross integration which can unlock even more potential in the journey towards an energy efficient smart home!

Philips Hue have really nailed it in terms of smart home lighting, and this starter kit gets you started in the world of automation. They're also LED light bulbs meaning they use a lot less energy than standard bulbs!

Imagine changing your room's vibe with just a tap on your smartphone or a simple voice command. Super cool, right? Plus, it's a complete breeze to set up!

Tado are fantastic devices for handling your central heating, helping to save you energy by fine-tuning when your heating turns on and off.

You can even control the heating from your phone, handy if you're away and want to check in on your home, or warm the house ready before you return home from work!

This draft excluder not only looks good but is very effective. I've fitted it under my living room door to avoid a draft in the evenings and helping to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

I like to use a heated clothes airer in winter when I can't put my clothes on an airer outdoors. Tumble driers can be quite energy intensive but most heated airers are fairly low energy.


I pair mine with a smart plug so that it can turn on and off with my cheap electricity rate. I've also found in my case that it can heat up the room its in too by a few degrees occasionally which was a very nice surprise!

Stick this behind your radiator to help reflect heat back into the room. I've personally put this behind every radiator in my house and my gas usage has dropped as a result ... awesome!

Now I have cozier rooms and a lower energy bill!

Stay cozy and save energy this winter with a Silent Night electric blanket, the perfect solution for warmth without turning up the heat!

It's like a warm hug on a chilly night! With adjustable heat settings, you can find just the right level of warmth. It's perfect for snuggling up on the sofa or adding extra comfort to your bed!

Dehumidifiers can be fairly expensive, but often a requirement to avoid damp moist walls in the house and reduce the risk of cold, so this is the best one I've found at a reasonable price compared to the others. It has a 2L water tank and is handy for reducing condensation, drying clothes and keeping the humidity in your house low!

I'm always adding new products to this list along with any awesome deals I find, so check back soon!

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