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Octo-Aid supports the ability to monitor multiple octopus accounts, using a feature called Profiles. If you have multiple properties with Octopus Energy, multiple Octopus accounts, or just want to help keep an eye on a friend / family members energy usage (with consent of course), you can create up to 20 individual profiles to help you with this.

How to create a new profile:

Creating a profile is easy:


On the home page, tap the name at the top of the page (highlighted on the image below) 



You will be presented with the profile manager page. From here, you can add new profiles, delete profiles, rename and activate them. Your main profile will always be at the top and you cannot delete this. To start with, let's add a new one.


Tap the green "Add New Profile" button at the bottom of the page and then enter a name for your new profile when prompted.



Your new profile has now been created. To activate it, tap "Activate" next to your new profile. Octo-Aid will now display data related to this profile.


When activating a new profile, return to the home page where you will be prompted to run through the Account Set-Up.


The process is exactly the same as your main profile.


You can switch back to your main profile at any time by tapping the name at the top of the home page.

Tap on a profile in the profile manager to rename it.


Guide Last Updated: 9th May 2023 (v4.3.2)

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