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Octo Aid | Version 4.0

Added flexibility when auto-adding Smart Charges

When Intelligent Octopus users auto-add a detected smart charge, you can now view which slots will be added and choose between completed, planned or both

Live Usage Updates:

Home Mini users will now see their live demand on the Home Screen

Copy Joke Button

You can now copy the hilarious joke on the loading screen with one tap to send to your friends and family. Tapping this new button will copy the joke to your devices clipboard. You can then paste anywhere you'd like.

Transfer Smart Slots between Devices

Intelligent Octopus users can now wirelessly transfer their smart charge slots between devices. This is handy if you use Octo-Aid on more than one device and need to record your smart charge slots on both. Simply add the smart charge slots on one device, and transfer them to the other. You can even choose the amount of slots you'd like to send, whether its just today/ tomorrow, the past week, the past month etc.

And much more:

  • Setting your billing date will now be tied to the active profile. This means you can now choose different billing dates for each profile.

  • Major text formatting improvements have been made for devices that have larger text settings selected in their device settings.

  • Implemented a filter to remove duplicate consumptions that may be received by Octopus.

  • Fixed a bug that would show the incorrect average rate on the home screen.

  • Foundations in place for the new compare feature. This will be released in a future update.


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