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Octo Aid | Version 3.9

Bug fixes with new features.

Rates View:

The rates page has been adjusted to better support dual / single rate tariffs. For example, previously Octo-Aid would display "00:00 - 00:00" if the tariff rate was the same all day. Now Octo-Aid will display the date instead, whilst still displaying times if the tariff has rate changes during the day.

The chart has been made slightly larger and the tariff region is now displayed.

Consumption Tab:

The consumptions tab now utilises a new toolbar. The buttons available to the user will dynamically change depending on the tariff and energy type. All available buttons are:

  • Intelligent Octopus: Takes you to the smart charge slots view

  • Gas Format Toggle: Toggle between cubic meters and kWh for Gas

  • Average Rate: View your average rate for each day (dual rate tariffs)

  • Simple Mode: Toggle between simple view and graph view

  • Export: Export your usage as a CSV file

Custom Tariffs:

When linking a custom tariff to an Octopus tariff, you can now manually enter your standing charge.


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