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Octo Aid | Version 3.10

Bug fixes with new features.

New Light Mode

A new light theme has been implemented across the app. This will automatically follow the system mode, so dark mode is still available when the device is set to dark mode.

New Font:

Octo-Aid has moved from Helvetica Neue to Avenir Next. This has been implemented across most of the app with the rest to follow in a later update

Octopus Flux Support:

Octo-Aid already supported Octopus Flux from its launch date, but now peak calculation support has been added in version 3.10

Custom Tariffs:

When linking a custom tariff to an Octopus tariff, you will now see the tariff code that is linked. This acts as feedback to the user to show when a tariff is connected to the custom tariff.

Live View:

The Live view page will now automatically switch demand view between watts and kilowatts when demand exceeds 1000W, rather than always showing in watts.


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