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Live Usage

If you have an Octopus Home Mini, you can view your live usage directly from Octo-Aid (to find out more about the Octopus Home Mini, head over to the Octopus website here).

How to access your Live Usage:

You won't need to set up your Home Mini with Octo-Aid. Once you have followed Octopus' instructions and linked the Home Mini to the main Octopus app, Octo-Aid will automatically detect this.


On the home page, if you have a Home Mini set up and working, you will see a bright green "Live" button on the home page like below:



Tap on the "Live" button to open up the live view.

What does the Live Usage page show?

The Live Usage page gives you access to the following data:

  • Your current demand measured in watts. This is outlined by a thick circle which will grow and shrink depending on the size of the current demand.

  • Your estimated cost per hour at the current demand. This will take into account the tariff you currently have set. (If you are on Intelligent Octopus and have set a smart charge slot for the current time, this is also taken into account for the rate per hour. More on smart charge slots here).

  • The highest and lowest demand today along with the time that they occurred at.

  • Your estimated cost so far today along with usage.

  • The amount and usage for the same day last week up until the current time. This gives you a quick insight into how well you are doing today compared to the previous week.

  • A chart showing the demand over the past 15 minutes.


Guide Last Updated: 9th May 2023 (v4.3.2)

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