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Intelligent Octopus

Octo-Aid supports tracking costs across the Intelligent Octopus tariff, including smart schedule slots that occur outside of the standard off-peak times.

Smart Schedule

A smart schedule is an electric vehicle charging schedule given to those on the Intelligent tariff by octopus. It is generated soon after the tariff-connected vehicle is plugged in to charge at your home address. Any times scheduled outside of the standard off peak range (23:30 - 05:30) is also charged at off peak rate.

To correctly and more accurately calculate costs, Octo-Aid needs to know when these smart schedules occur. This requires a small bit of manual entry on the users part. I've tried to make this as quick and easy as possible.


When you plug your vehicle in to charge, Octopus will give you a smart charge schedule


Your schedule will be shown in Octo-Aid, under the "more" tab (the last tab along the bottom). This does not mean that Octo-Aid has saved them, it is purely for display. You will still need to add them to Octo-Aid.


Still on the "more" tab, tap on Intelligent Octopus. This is where a predicted energy consumption view will be displayed based on the smart charge schedule that Octopus have given to you.


Tap the bright green "Smart Charge Slots" button at the bottom right to enter your smart charge slots library.


You will see a pop-up appear at the top stating your smart charge has been detected. From this pop-up you can tap "Add Smart Charges" and they will automatically be added to your library


If your smart charge wasn't detected or it occurred longer than 12 hours ago, you can tap the green "Add" button at the bottom right of the page to manually select a date and the smart charge slots that occurred on that date.


There are also other ways of accessing and saving smart charge slots!

From the consumptions tab, you can tap the small round intelligent icon at the bottom left of the page to quickly and conveniently access your smart charge library!


By tapping on a day in the consumptions tab, you can also select a half-hour slot to instantly change it to a smart charge slot. Tap it again to delete it. Smart charge slots are tagged with a blue description.

Guide Last Updated: 9th May 2023 (v4.3.2)

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