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Custom Tariffs

Custom tariffs allow you to create your own tariff and apply your usage to it. This is handy for checking how much you would have paid on another tariff, or simply for messing around to get a feel for things. You can also link a custom tariff to an actual Octopus tariff for live rates, but we'll get into that more a bit later down the page.

How to create a custom tariff:

In this example, we will be creating a custom electricity tariff. The same general rule applies for a custom gas or export tariff, but any slight difference will be mentioned.


From the Octo-Aid home page, tap "My Details" at the top. Then tap "Custom Tariff" in the electricity section (or gas/export, whichever is relevant to you)



A Custom Tariff pop-up should now appear and look something like this:



Start by entering a tariff name in the "Tariff Name" field. This can be anything you'd like that will help you remember what it is.

Next fill in the daily standing charge in pence format (for example, 25p would be entered as 25).

Now, if you are setting up a dual rate tariff (a tariff with an on peak and an off peak rate, like an economy 7 tariff), make sure that the "All Day Fixed Rate" toggle is switched off like in the screenshot above. If you only want a fixed rate all day, turn this on.

Fill out the remaining fields. 


Now that you are finished, tap "Set Tariff" and confirm the popup. Thats it! All of your electricity usage (or gas/export if otherwise selected) displayed in the Octo-Aid app will now apply to the tariff that you have set up. You can edit this custom tariff at any time by following the above steps again.

Link an Octopus tariff to a custom tariff:

You also have the option to link a custom tariff to an Octopus tariff. This will essentially tell Octo-Aid to fetch rates for the tariff that you have linked. For example, if you were to link a custom tariff to Agile Octopus, Octo-Aid would apply your usage to the live Agile Octopus rates. This allows you to check your usage and costs against a tariff without actually having to switch to it first.


Follow steps 1-2 above first to get to the Custom Tariff pop-up


A Link button will be visible at the bottom middle.


(Note: if you are setting up a custom Gas tariff, this link button will be a "Use Tracker" button. Gas Tracker is currently the only Octopus tariff you can link to a custom tariff in Octo-Aid, so you can still use this guide to link a tariff, but the only difference is that you will not get the list that is mentioned next).


Select a tariff from the list and tap "Link Tariff". Octo-Aid will fetch a few details and then link it to your custom tariff. It isn't saved yet though, so make sure to tap "Set Tariff" and confirm the pop-up first.


Guide Last Updated: 9th May 2023 (v4.3.2)

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