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Agile Rate Predictions

Agile Predictions

The Agile Tariff Rate Predictions feature retrieves forecasted future Agile Octopus tariff rates from the website and integrates them within the Octo-Aid application.

The forecasting mechanism deployed on leverages a machine learning model developed by Francis Boundy. This model utilises data sourced from the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System (BRMS), National Grid, and pertinent weather data to anticipate forthcoming Agile Octopus rates. Francis advises that while the predicted rates offer insight, observing overarching trends provides a more precise indication of future rate fluctuations over the upcoming days.

Francis has kindly given permission for these rates to be displayed directly in Octo-Aid. A lot of hard work has gone into training this model and maintaining his hobby account.

In recognition of Francis's generosity and diligent efforts, those inclined to express appreciation are invited to support Francis's via the donation button below.

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