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Account Set-Up

Octo-Aid can automatically fetch your meter and tariff details from your Octopus account. You will need two things, an API Key and an Account Number. These details are safe to input into Octo-Aid and are stored locally on the device. The only way they can ever leave your device is if you choose to send the developer a log to request assistance.

How to set up your account.

When you first start Octo-Aid, you'll be asked to input an API Key. This is a key unique to your octopus energy account made up of multiple alphanumeric characters, and usually begins with "sk_live". You can find this by going to the Octopus developer page ( When you've made it to the home page, Octo-Aid will ask you to add meters. You can tap the prompts shown to jump straight into the Account Set-Up process, but we'll start from the beginning for this guide and show you how to find the set-up page.


From the Octo-Aid home page, tap "My Details" at the top. Then tap on "Account Set-Up" at the bottom right.


This is where you will need the API Key and your account number. Let's start with the API Key. Near the bottom of the page you will see a "Find Account No / API Key" button. Tapping on this will take you to the Octopus developer page. Sign in to your octopus account.



As shown in the screenshot, the developer page will show you your API Key and your Account Number. Copy the API Key first (starts with "sk_live") by tapping and holding on it, then make sure to highlight then entire line. Copy this and then tap "Done" at the top left to return to the Octo-Aid set-up page.


Octo-Aid should detect that you have the API Key copied to your clipboard. It may ask for permission to access the clipboard, and if accepted it will automatically paste it into the correct field. If not, then just tap on the API Key box and paste.


Now let's do the same for the Account Number. Tap the "Find Account No / API Key" box again, and this time you should still be logged in to the octopus developer page. Highlight and copy the account number, then return to the Octo-Aid set-up page by tapping Done at the top left. Paste this into the account number field if Octo-Aid doesn't automatically paste. Tap Next at the bottom right.



If Octo-Aid can find any details on your octopus account, you will be presented with the first of 3 screens. Your electricity meters and tariffs will be displayed first. The list will show a history of any electricity tariffs found on your account along with the start and end date. If there are no meters or tariffs found, there will be a message stating this. Tap Next to go to Gas and then Next again to go to Export. Tap Finish if all of the data looks correct to complete the set up.


Guide Last Updated: 9th May 2023 (v4.3.2)

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