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Keep track of your energy usage

Hey, I'm Andy! Welcome to Octo-Aid, a fun project I work on in my spare time. It's all about making your smart meter data easy and enjoyable to understand. Check it out on the App Store and make sure to join our friendly Facebook group, where we share tips, help each other out, and chat about all things energy data. If you're not with Octopus Energy, don't worry, you can join using the button below (both you and me will receive £50 when you join). Excited to have you with us!


Why not join our Facebook community group for Octopus Energy customers? You don't need the Octo-Aid app installed to join, just tap below ☺️

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Not with Octopus Energy? Tap the link below to join. We will both be given £50 once you are switched over and Octopus make it extremely easy.

Features include:

  • Track your electricity, gas and export usage

  • Support for the latest tariffs including Tracker, Intelligent Octopus, Cosy Octopus and more...

  • View your live usage directly from your Octopus Home Mini

  • Export your usage to a CSV file

  • View the next days tracker rates as soon as they are available

  • View your Intelligent Octopus Smart Schedule

  • and much much more!

What Does the Community Say?

"It’s the app that just keeps on giving ! Seriously impressed with how good it is, I used to use 3-4 different apps to monitor our usage, now I barely look at the others as this one is so comprehensive and accurate. Amazing work Andy, have another hot choc on me"

- Mandy via the Octo-Aid Facebook Community Group

"An absolute star, historical dates asked for one day and pretty much the next day you’ve created it - Fantastic app with another great feature in the latest update.

How easy would it be to have the latest rates at the top (visible) instead of the bottom of the list? Just my preference. Thanks for making the app even better"

- Paul via the Octo-Aid Facebook Community Group

"Really excellent app and Andy is very responsive to feedback and comments from his users. New features are released all the time, I use this app daily. Octopus should really support the efforts being made here, the dashboards help people understand their usage and what their costs are. Keep up the awesome work"

- Carey7333826 via the Apple App Store

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